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is it my imagination, or are

is it my imagination, or are every one of the retort/ replies for comments never address the actual comment? comment aboy berger" ...reply: obama said...blah blah. Comment abot berger, reply: obama said balah blah. comment about berger, reply: the moon is made of green cheese. blah blah.

I've read these posts for a long while. It doesn't take a model rocket scientist to figure out who is creating the "word salad" replies.

Its my understanding this bereger is a troubled individual who was probably coddled his entire life, receives financing from his parents or some other benefactor since he cannot, will not or is completely incapable of being responsible in obtaining or holding a job.

From the PDF document pertaining to the refinance, berger and cryton are listed as "non married" at the top of the document. I'm sure Obama had nothing to do with this fiasco.

For anyone who reviews the history of berger, you come to the same conclusion...a troubled narcissitic baby who has been exposed time and again as a fraud and a minipulator.

I'm sure more dirt will surface about this lowlife.


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