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Yes, I'm sure the inconsistencies on her LinkedIn profile are oversights or clerical errors... She seems to have a lot of them... Hmm...

Well, all the enthusiasm in the world doesn't make you qualified for diddly-squat! Her undergraduate degree did NOT make her qualified to be a planner. So, I fail to see how a little on the job training and an incomplete degree suddenly make her qualified!

You claim that you are her friend, but she has clearly misled you... If she was as knowledgeable as you think she is, then she would know that NO MATTER what her GPA was... Master's level degrees DO NOT come with a distinction. So, is this just another oversight... or another lie??

Oh, in case you are wondering... Karyn has clearly slithered back to her LinkedIn profile to change the dates concerning her employment as a planner...

She refinanced her home in January of 2009 and was promoted in October of 2009... That doesn't seem like it was over a year after the relationship ended to me.. but I'm sure it was just another oversight/clerical error... Riiiiight.

By the way, I didn't insinuate that she was helped by her relationship with Berger...but it seems to be the first thing that you thought... Hmm, guess it IS that clear to everyone that there is something fishy...


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