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You are one obsessed person...

and know as much about this woman, if not more, than many of her friends. Creepy.

"Well, all the enthusiasm in the world doesn't make you qualified for diddly-squat! Her undergraduate degree did NOT make her qualified to be a planner. So, I fail to see how a little on the job training and an incomplete degree suddenly make her qualified!"

What part of "or an equivalent combination of education and experience sufficient to successfully perform the essential duties of the job such as those listed above" do you not understand? Three to four years of working in a planning department and being close to finishing a Graduate degree in Public Administration (with a Planning concentration) is "an equivalent combination of education and experience" and counts as a bit more than "a little on the job training." She was qualified for the position when she was promoted and has since been recognized in NHC's Gallery of Excellence for role model employees.

Also, to address the criticisms you've lobbed at her previous job...It might be your opinion that her original job in her department is a "glorified secretary" but you are decidedly wrong and this is offensive to a lot of hard working people in similar positions everywhere who are the backbone of their departments. Regardless of how special your mother made you feel that you are, your opinions are just that - opinions. Considering your first post about her came in at 12:26am on a week night, I'm guessing you're not in a position to be criticizing anyone's job. Good luck, it's tough out there right now. Oh, but you're an airline pilot, ER doctor or something else nocturnal and glamorous, right? Sure you are.

"You claim that you are her friend, but she has clearly misled you... If she was as knowledgeable as you think she is, then she would know that NO MATTER what her GPA was... Master's level degrees DO NOT come with a distinction. So, is this just another oversight... or another lie??"

She is my friend and she hasn't misled me. That was MY oversight. I remembered that she graduated with a 3.9 GPA but I never earned a Master's degree so I was thinking in undergrad terms. My mistake for not checking with you as you're clearly the expert on her. Distinction or not, is her GPA high enough for you since you are the self-proclaimed expert on what makes a planner qualified?

"Oh, in case you are wondering... Karyn has clearly slithered back to her LinkedIn profile to change the dates concerning her employment as a planner.."

I haven't been cyber-stalking her in the last few days, as some have, but she probably heard someone has been creeping her online activities and ranting about them online. I've only spoken to Karyn once since this all started. I'm taking it more personally than she is. She keeping her head up. However, she did tell me of some interesting names who've visited her LinkendIn profile recently. ;) Life's been tough hasn't it?

"She refinanced her home in January of 2009 and was promoted in October of 2009... That doesn't seem like it was over a year after the relationship ended to me.. but I'm sure it was just another oversight/clerical error... Riiiiight."

Yes it was just another oversight. Again, MY oversight - I was short by a few months. She ended her relationship with Berger almost immediately after re-financing the house. Allow me to rephrase: She received her promotion almost a year after her relationship with Berger ended and over a year before he was elected. Happy now? Oversights/clerical errors happen to everyone and that includes you. You referred to me as guest14578. I was guest 14587. See, even someone as critical and perfect as you makes mistakes. The world is an imperfect place. People transpose numbers, run red lights, quit jobs they shouldn't have quit, have to live with their mothers, etc. ;)

"By the way, I didn't insinuate that she was helped by her relationship with Berger...but it seems to be the first thing that you thought... Hmm, guess it IS that clear to everyone that there is something fishy..."

So you think it was the first thing I thought but I put at the end of my post? Logic wasn't your strong suit was it? Anyhow, you did say "It seems that she has been getting away with an awful lot of things since she moved here with her boyfriend, Berger." That seems like a rather strong assertion but I wasn't thinking of just you when I wrote that. You are not the center of everyone's universe in spite of all your narcissism. That was for anyone who might even entertain the notion that she benefited from her relationship with Berger. I've never heard Karyn say a negative word about Berger. She tends to look forward, not backward, but by anyone's estimation, that relationship has caused her an undue amount of hardship and heartache. Hence this discussion. It's been almost three years since she ended that relationship, her name is still stuck on a deed for a house she can't sell, she's facing a foreclosure and now she's in the news being discussed by creepy people who know a frightening amount about her.


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