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Not obsessed...

just interested in the news! A google search on someone is NOT stalking. I like to know who all of the "players" in the news story are. I don't think my name would have come up on her list of people who viewed her profile, since I don't have one myself. I'm sure she had a lot of visitors though since her name was in the news.

Since your most recent post came in at 2:15pm, I can assume that you either don't work or browse the net while you are being paid. This is a lengthy comment to have typed while on the clock, so I hope it wasn't while you were at work. No, I don't work since I am retired.

Yes, I did transpose the numbers in your name, my eyes aren't what they used to be. As to the other things you listed, red light, etc. I have no clue what you are talking about. I think most drivers have run a light before... People quit jobs and some live with their mothers, but I don't know what that has to do with me.......?

Well, hopefully she will be able to sell the house before it is foreclosed on, but people do need to be mindful of what information they put out there...especially if there is a chance that their name will be in the news.



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