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How does that size eight taste now?

Because I believe you must have tiny little feet to go with that tiny little brain. The more you post, the more it shows.

So tell us more, Mr. Expert of volunteers, where do you get your basis of, " seems to be more common in volunteer organizations."? Have you personally performed audits of "horseplay among civil servants"? I doubt seriously if you've ever stepped foot in a firehouse, and here's why:

You state statistics without basis and without knowledge. You have no idea who does what, where or when in a volunteer firefighting organization or a full-time operation of the same. Secondly, the oversight and accountability is just as serious as with full time organizations. These volunteers are well trained, certified and fully accountable for saving the life and property of those found in their emergency situations.

Now, since you've had a double helping of your size eight, you can go for dessert, although it may cause you bend over twice as hard to get to it.


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