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Good idea

Does anyone see a pattern in this predominently African American neighborhood. Am I racist for saying that... or asking "Who is taking responsibility for this degradation?" The answer is No, I am not a racist, and this is not a racist comment! It is one of empathy to the community being held captive by thugs.

It isn't Politically Correct to post ANYTHING slightly True, but here goes, you can take it...
If other Wilmington communities erupted like this everyday with our neighbors, we would be riding the bad SOB's out of town, after we tared and feathered them. What are you guys waiting for? Your families are in JEOPARDY of getting killed.

WHERE the hell are the Black leaders? Are there any Black Commissioners,Council Members, ANY politicians, pastors, ministers, teachers, leaders? This area cannot be cleaned up by white LEADERS. African Americans, you need to step it up and take CONTROL of this area! It USED to be a very nice area, not too long ago! TAKE CONTROL, HAVE a Community Meeting or S-o-m-e-t-h-i-n-g for crying out LOUD!!! BUT, it will take Effort to get up and Do SOMETHING. Those shops along Castle seem to be starving. No one is EVER in any of them except people who visit their friends while working. Daaa. Wonder why?

THE KEY word to this fix is LEADERS. Don't take your cue from the non-leader with Rock-Star status in the White House that seem to be role model today. His answer to this sort of thing is to go GOLFING!
You canTAKE BACK YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD, from the very low-life junkies, peddlers, and felons that have invaded you over there, you are so much better than being IDLE. JUST DO IT!


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