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Columbus County corrupts entire district

There are many sites now popping up on Facebook and other places that will tell you a little more about what is going on. Most of the corruption in the judicial and prosecutorial district has come from Columbus County. The handful of men who have stolen votes, brokered power and sold influence continue to thrive while going unpunished. Why is that? Long before Mike Easley, RC Soles, Jr had Jimmy Green and Ron Taylor. Research these men, both convicted criminals; Taylor was a lawmaker convicted of fraud and burning a warehouse. Green was the lieutenant Governor convicted of burning a warehouse. His son, Jimmy eventually took the wrap and went to prison for 5 years. Green senior, in line to be governor, went out of office-his political career officially ended. Mike Easley took over as the district's DA. Honest Mike ran on a platform of fighting corruption. Please Google NC's former governor Mike Easley to see where he ended up-out of politics and with a felony conviction to boot. Roy Cooper, the attorney general is a longtime friend of ex-senator RC Soles and Easley and others in Columbus County. Former district attorney Rex Gore hung out with the Easley, Cooper and Soles boys. Now Gov. Perdue, Easley's former lieutenant is friends with Mitch Tyler. Look at how RC Soles divided the district for a banker's son to become high judge replacing retiring Bill Gore, another of the good old boys and longtime Easley friend. Look around and you will discover why Jon David is catching so much flack. Jon is way too honest for this area. God be with him.


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