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You people are idiots, you say she saw the pictures like you said she sold houses to people that I know had they same real eatate agent that I had!!!! Wished I had used her cause she cares about her customers not just a check. Have you asked has she seen the pictures or are you all are assuming, If you knew her like the people she grew up with you would know she does what is right and will do what the law says she is suppose to do and how. The ones of you that is putting her down need to check your facts,,,,,, oh you must have a beef cause you have done something stupid and didn't get by with it. ASK HER she is not a liar. She will tell you what she knows and what she doesn't that the law says she can. I asked her about Lewis and she was repectful of Lewis and that she hoped that if it's true and that It is shown that Lewis was targetted that she wanted the person to pay. Why can't you people wait for the results instead of taking the word of the town drunk and an embezzeler. Get your facts!!!!!! Oh and put the blame where it was on the old wimpy town manager.


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