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The Leland File

I will say, We Have Brian Berger in New Hanover, You have a mess in Leland. I have no dog in this fight but I am tired of people posting about the "Good Ole Boy" system. That system in a lot of cases now is called networking, coming to a consensus, getting something done. Good Ole Boys historically, have employed most of the faction of small business. Where I grew up that meant farm hands, carpenters, mechanics, and the blue collar meat and potatoes man. My Dad was a Good Ole Boy who happened to migrate here after WWII. As a Young Man I saw Politics first hand Under a shed by a tobacco barn. I have seen deals made, not for money, but for the benefit of our community. Good Ole Boys have fought and died for this country. I Myself am a Good Ole Boy, or will try to be. To insinuate A"Good Ole Boy" is crooked or corrupt is an insult to several good people. To say there are racial overtones or make it that way is offensive to Me and the lot of good people who would call themselves a "Good Ole Boy" Black, White or whatever.


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