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Former Assistant Manager

here is more information, available on the Towns website

1. Ms Cox was hired via a hiring team, Farris, Jayne, Strickland and others.
2. They liked what they saw so they hired her.
3. She was asked or codered to do an investigation
4. she surprised them by actually being honest.
5. they then used the fact that she had all kinds of issues and legal problems aginst her.
6. So either they are incompetant as managers and have no basic concept, of how to properly conduct interviews and applicant selections, or they intentionally thought they were getting one of thier own.
7. So here is how it works, either you are incompetant and hired a total nut case, who has turned the town upside down,

8. Or you hired what you thought was a status quo for your group and they turned honest on you and exposed you for what you are "corrupt", in which case all of you should be fired

So heres the rest, she is a bad seed you hired her you should be fired for all that she has caused, or you are a bad seed who have played your shes' corrupt card having been holding it since you hired her.

So for you and ENOUGHALREADY which is it?
1. Did they hire someone who was corrupt, or are they guilty of covering up thier own actions. Im kinda leaning towards lets hire her we can control her with the information we have and if she exposes us we can plead well you know what we are (STUPID)????

Any way you shape it, you are responsible.


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