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Mayor And Alston

Well here we go again. The taxpayers will be suprised when they find out where all their tax money is at if the SBI will come in and do an investigation. They hired back Alston so she could continue to help the mayor hide the misappropriation of funds and the hundreds of city checks that are unaccounted for. They are now trying to go after Ms. Bray, the one person in the office that is trying to do the right thing. I guess the Mayor was forced to hire Alston back to keep her quite about all the laws that have been broken. Maybe the SBI can find the thousands of dollars of drug asset forfeiture money that Ms. Alston says is not there. This money is to be used by law enforcement only, oh by the way, it would be a federal offense to be used any other way. It is funny how they payed her vacation pay when they wouldn't pay a police officer his vacation since there is not enough officers for him to take his without another officer working his/her off day with out any compensation. Yea they only have four who work all the time. They don't even have a cheif since the board decided to put on a hiring freeze. Funny they hired back Ms. Alston during that same hiring freeze. Another example of backdoor politics. Kinda like the mayor said on his arrest statement for the DWI, " these boys are in some deep politics now". More to come.


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