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First Socialist Family

Get ready folks, the second go around of the "Hope and Change" tour will use the state of N.C as it premier platform to reinstate the Socialist in Chief.The lack of economic growth and prosperity brought upon us during his three years is laughable.If this were 1980 once again, Romney would win in a landslide.Since our society has become more liberal and lost it's moral compass, Barry Saetoro,a.k.a Barack Obama is still in the game.To see the degradation of our society, just watch daily programming to see it's decline. What was viewed as rated "R' during my childhood is now acceptable mainstream material.Barry has no record of accomplishment, therefore his party will have to be very creative in trying to cast the Socialist as a postive influence on the nation.Obamacare will create the largest bureaucracy in the federal government. In return, you will receive less quality care , rationing and elimination of the private health care industry.This was all by design even though Barry tells the American people they can keep their coverage. He knows full well the private industry can not compete against a corrupt government that will run deficits to breathe life into socialized health care.All you get is another bill for an inferior product.

Higher taxes to pay for an always expanding government, more environmental regulations from one arm of the socialist machine, the EPA , unethical and treasonous Attorney General, Eric Holder,who has selective memory and does not support states trying to stem the influx of illegals and White House advisers(i.e Anita Dunn, Van Jones), who look to socialist ideologies for guidance are the reason we are in a hell of a mess. The regime has just expedited our downfall.We are are a few years behind Greece in reaching our financial demise.Appeasing our enemies and aplogizing for American foreign policy.Presently, our enemies(i.e Iran ) are expediting their efforts to go nuclear before a more hardline President comes on board.Also going public about downsizing our nation's military and it's future ability of not being able to fight on mutiple fronts, shows he wants to publicly exhibit our weakness and passiveness in future conflicts.

Barry has been a spectator instead of a leader on most issues!


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