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Robert Green's rant

I don't think republicans want to re-visit the past very much. Since 1980, republicans were in office 2/3's of the time in which we "lost our moral compass.
Reagan raised taxes more than any other president since 1980. Before him the Socialist republicans(Nixon) got Medicare passed. Since him, they also passed the presciption drug program(Bush). Talk about Socialism...
Defense spending has actually gone up under our current President and there is the little thing of the demise of Osama Bin Ladin that did not happen under the last 7 years of Dubya, even after the torture. Talk about losing your moral compass, torture is the perfect example.
Don't give me your sanctimonious BS about morality and Socialism because you don't have a leg to stand on.
I think it is about time the health care industry had a little competition from someone even if it is the government. Americans spend more of their paycheck on health care than any other nation. Personally, I could use a little break.
I've tried to respond but your arguments are so disjointed it is difficult to know what you are trying to say.
Remember,"Keep your government hands off my Medicare".


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