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commence thumping

"Reagan raised taxes more than any other president since 1980."
-I thought the liberal talking point was that Reagan cut taxes for the wealthy which led to the skyrocketing deficits of the 80's. Thanks for the clarification.

"Before him the Socialist republicans(Nixon) got Medicare passed. Since him, they also passed the presciption drug program(Bush). Talk about Socialism..."
-Stop the presses! Call the Police! Progressives are in both parties!

"Defense spending has actually gone up under our current President"
-That's not the only thing that has gone up... Spending on everything else, inflation, unemployment, the deficit, etc.

"the little thing of the demise of Osama Bin Ladin that did not happen under the last 7 years of Dubya, even after the torture. Talk about losing your moral compass, torture is the perfect example."
-Ironic that the great Nobel Peace Prize winner's main claim to fame is a policy of clandestine executions and drone attacks. How moral. Imagine the treasure trove of info we'd have if we were waterboarding OBL right now.

Also, the intel work done under the Bush CIA meant absolutely nothing to Operation Geronimo, right? They still blame Bush for everything, but blind ideology prevents them from giving him any credit.

"I think it is about time the health care industry had a little competition from someone even if it is the government."
-How is a single payer system competitive? And how do you explain the thousands of union waivers?

"Americans spend more of their paycheck on health care than any other nation."
-They pay way more in taxes for that free health care. Also, whenever I require medical attention, I thank my lucky stars I live in the good old USA; it may be more expensive, but it's still the best in the world.

Why not let a few states try Obamacare, see how it works, then make a decision whether it should be federal law? Why divide the country over this?

"Remember,'Keep your government hands off my Medicare'."
-So you cherry picked one boneheaded thing one confused elderly woman said at a Tea rally. Good work. Youtube OWS. Not exactly a MENSA meeting in Zuccotti Park, that's for sure.

Socialism is evil for many reasons, the very least is that it promotes mediocrity. It devalues the individual in favor of the collective, and consequently squashes innovation. Economic liberty made the USA great, and can also rescue it.

Thumping complete.


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