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WWAY Bloggers have blood on your hands

For those who woo hoo'd it up and push the idea to clerks on this comment board to shoot potential robbers, you all have blood on your hands. You, yourself have also pulled the trigger and took a life because you glorified the killing of people. I really hope the DA is viewing this thread and asks for IP addresses for you so called anonomously bloggers. You are just as guilty as the clerk who shot and murdered someone. Yes, that guy came in with a gun, but was it loaded? Did he get shot in the front or the head of back of head? THREE shots, come on? couldnt aim for the leg? Even a police officer yells to put down the gun many times before shooting. The fact that the guy has robbed the store before and didnt hurt anyone should tell you he wasnt a violent robber. If I was the family of the murder victim, I would sue WWAY, Bloggers on this board who enticed killing robbers and the people who own the store. All of you guys names have been written in the Book of Judgement. What a sad world we live in!


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