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No blood on anyone's hands...

"What a sad world we live in!" With that comment, you are correct, but it IS changing and quickly! You must understand, my timid one, that when an armed robber enters a business with the goal of terrorizing the clerk to hand over their money, they have entered another world. There are state and federal laws recently enacted to allow law-abiding citizens to fight back with deadly force. Guess what? It's working very well so far!

Allow me to explain a basic and fundamental right that I and the other law-abiding citizens have in hand, this is a very simple and basic concept that even with your low IQ, can get a grasp of: If and when any criminal puts MY life OR the life of any family member or freind in fear of loss of life because that terrorist wants to take my things or rape or pillage or whatever his intent may be, I will respond with deadly force to prevent it...period. I am a licensed and trained concealed carry permit holder and visit the range on a weekly basis. My target grouping is getting better and better. I hope and pray that I never, ever have to use my weapon on another human being, but threaten me and I most certainly will.

So go start a new support group for gun control, have all of your followers raise their right hand and say, "HILE!". That's what Hitler did...


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