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Here we see the liberal nanny state in action from two of the many angles.

1. We see the criminal who thinks that they are entitled to anything they want and can just take it. We hard working Americans WORK for a living, not steal. We pay for things, we do the right thing.

2. We see the liberal bed wetters crying that there was someone who loved this person, he was someones uncle, brother, dad, son, grandson, nephew twice removed. We get it. Did the criminals family try to do anything to prevent this... NO! Hold them accountable for their family member, if he was SOOOOOO close to them. Apparently, this POS (not point of sale either) tried to rob this place last week. Repetitive actions... what else has this "good, loving, christian" done to assist the deterioration of our society. Someone may shed tears for this person, but it wont be me!

Kill'em all. Criminals who rob, rape, steal, kill... Let it be done.

There is no suprise to me as to why the 2nd amendment is 2nd... Freedom of speech then freedom to protect my self from the liberal nanny state and the liberal bed wetters.


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