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Hate it had to happen

I really hate this had to happen to the robber. Anytime someone takes it upon themselves to rob someone, they are playing a dangerous game. We all have the right to protect ourselves and our property. If someone walks in today to rob me, I should not have have to ask them is their gun loaded or say "oh you robbed me before and it was in no way violet, so here you go, take the cash, the guns, the employees, whatever you want, and have a great day. Watch your step on the way out"

When you are looking down the barrel of a weapon, or looking at the metal point of a knife or sword, the first thing you know is that the person holding the other end of it is crazy and means business. The first thing I'm going to do is to go into survival mode. If the person was crazy enough to "bust up into" my store with a weapon then they are crazy enough to use it.

Race, age, gender have no impact on the outcome of a robbery, on either side. A robber has no right to rob a person or business, but a person or business does have the right to defend themselves.

If I were a low-life robber, I would run like crazy after one warning shot and would not stick around to see if the store owner is really serious about protecting himself and his property to fire a second warning shot.

Don't blame the person who is being robbed if the outcome is different than the robbers intent. Before robbing someone, consider writing a Will and making prearranged funeral arrangement to spare one's family from grief should the person being robbed consider protecting himself and his property as he has the right to do.

I hate that this happened but the robber knew the danger when he sought to commit the crime.

This is just my opinion, like it or not!


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