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Yeah, right. Let the cops handle it.

I had about $3,000 worth of jewelry stolen from my home years ago from a break-in. I worked many hours and it took me a few years to buy that jewelry. Some bozo comes in that doesn't even have a job and walks away with it free of charge. The cops never found the jewelery or the bozo.

Ditto with a stolen cell phone a few years ago. The thief ran up a bill for $800 on my cell phone. Most of his calls were to a local number, which the cops wouldn't even investigate because they were "too busy with other major crimes". Because I didn't notice it missing right away, the cell phone company expected me to pay the bill. I couldn't pay it so they reported me to the Credit Bureau and it ruined my credit for seven years.

Another ditto with a stolen gas tank in the back of my boat sitting in my back yard. All they ever do is write up a report, file it away, and you never hear from them again.

The threat is real when an armed robber walks into a store to rob it. If you want to make it home to your family that night, you better be prepared to take the life of someone else. If not, he will be going home to his family, and you may be going to the morgue.


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