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Chief Hyatt Says Submitted by Mike T (not verified) on Thu, 01/1

out of respect for the robbers family he will wait some time to give out all the information. Names are being with held.

I will lay money that when his background is investigated:

1) He has a record as long as your arm

2) He was out on parole

3) He was out early because of "good behavior - or "he found Jesus"

4) The crime he was jailed for was plea-bargained down from a more serious charge

5) All of the above

Until the media starts printing the names of these lenient judges and parole board members who routinely recycle these people back into society, the citizens will have to do the Judicial System's dirty laundry in order to protect themselves. Far too long they have operated in the shadows and are not held responsible for their errors in judgment or the faulty agenda they espouse.


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