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education as a top priority

2012 budget

"funding needs to be increased for schools"

"We either invest in the children now and we give money to the school system and to the teachers so that they can provide that quality education, or we see those things that we don't want to see go up, go up. We see crime go up. We see an achievement gap go up. We pay now or pay later," Moser said.

Well, where is the quality education. We've been pouring money into the school system for decades, including the "education lottery" and people don't see any improvement.

"New Hanover County officials hope the breakfast was informative for the leaders when it comes to making decisions."

Hopefully leaders will think of the "taxpayers" and start demanding results and teacher pay raises tied to the achievement of students performance before blindly throwing more money around. When we see quality, then let the money flow.

In any other profession, proficiency and results dictate raises and promotions.

In this, "the great recession", education is no longer a sacred cow!


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