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People are tired of being abused

It seems lately people are defending themselves legally, and using common sense to do it.
I haven't heard of any innocent bystanders getting hurt, to the contrary, excellent "gun control" has been demonstrated by private citizens and clerks.

Police or Deputies can't be in your driveway 24 hours a day.

It would be interesting to have some stats that prove crime goes down when the public, properly trained and licensed, defend themselves. The stats have been around for a long time, just glossed over with over emotional sensationalism from the national liberal media that thinks your too stupid to take care of yourselves.

It looks like it doesn't end well for the crooks.

And please, don't call me a racist out of control gun fanatic.

I believe in self defense for all citizens.

We have seen in the last decade, prison doesn't rehabilitate anyone.

Then, there are the lawyers. They have never seen anyone who just needs to plead guilty. Not when an open ended court calendar and years of taxpayer appeals can be had.

But you really can't blame them, how many of us would like to write our own paychecks.

In closing, citizens seem to be tired of being victims, giving up money or cars, and still getting killed. And judging from recent events, no one is spraying lead into the daycare next door. So ask yourself, can I defend myself, and how do i get training and a carry permit.

And to the crooks and home invasion crew, get some life insurance.


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