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....and the innocent,

....and the innocent, victimized, and violated homeowner gets his due process when; before or after he's murdered?

Taking the law into our own hands??? The wild west??? Please turn off "Jersey Shore" and educate yourself with respect to the applicable laws governing self-defense, justifiable homicide, and North Carolina's newly-adopted "Castle Doctrine" BEFORE you comment. You'll have plenty of time to study while you wait for "the court and penal systems to be overhauled." You're absolutely right about one thing; life does mean something and this homeowner prevented his from being feloniously extinguished during the course of a criminal act. I challenge you to redirect your sympathy from the deceased criminal to the victimized homeowner who'll lie awake all night, every night for the next twelve months reliving this nightmare all the while hoping to avoid retaliation by the criminal's family members and fellow travelers. You are incredibly misinformed, and I'm hoping you are teenager not yet eligible to vote or occupy a seat on a jury.


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