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Hey, I recommended NJP

That's my official position. Give me the charge sheets - I'll write them up.

Meanwhile, let's not pretend this was some horrible war crime. The guy was already dead, but politically correct, rear echelon pansies will force us to sell those four grunts down the river after they went to war for this nation.

They took a leak on a dead body....OH THE HORROR!

My personal feeling is that their display is a fitting editorial commentary on ten years of ignoring the Principles of War, of sending men into harm's way with no intention of actually achieving a victory, and simply refusing to destroy the enemy and his will to fight. They're only doing what George Bush and Barack Obama have done to them for ten years.

But heck, if people get this upset about a little pee, I can only imagine the outrage if we started wiping them out by the thousands, as we should have done non-stop until the Taliban was a bad memory.


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