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Defense of Marines

Do not be naive enought to think in the history of all U.S theatres of war,that this is the first time poor judgement has been used by American soldiers.While it is a unprofessional act,when engaged in combat you have to give them some leniency.Combat is a stressful environment that clouds judgement from time to time but overall these young men get the job done that they were asked to do.That is kill the enemy.Once you flip the switch to this mentality, it is game on until it is time to assimilate back into the "civilized' world.You are either the hunted or the hunter in combat, therefore it is a sense of relief to survive another day.These young men were venting their relief, although an immature act.You have to let it go.The PC media ,government officials and military brass will let it be a big dog and pony show because from the comfort of their homes it is easy to play armchair QB. Put a weapon in their hands and on occasion in a high stress environment they would act irrational and irresponsible.The high tech gadgets that are now mainstream make it much easier to disseminate images that have no business leaving the theatre of operation.


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