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Good Order and Discipline...and Honor.

It goes without saying that the video recorded urination by Marines on enemy corpses cannot be tolerated..for some very good reasons..not the least of which is the necessity of maintaining good order and discipline..Unit cohesion depends on it..If we lose that, we lose everything..absolutely everything.

That said, I think the leadership should show a little "good order and discipline" themselves...Clearly, these Marines actions deserve an investigation..and likely a low level field grade punishment..Loss of rank, pay....That's it!!

To those who insist on publicly stripping these men down and trashing them for political motives (or any other reason) please, first, strip them of their combat awards, Purple Hearts, Silver Stars etc..

After all, we don't want anyone to know that they actually sacrificed everything so our children could sleep safely at night and so women, little girls and boys of Afghanistan could have a decent shot at growing up, attending school and having a chance to build a nation free of the unspeakable tyranny of the Taliban and Al Quaida..

Then let'em get back to their work..Obviously, they're damn good at it.

Semper Fi
from Vietnam, 1968/69


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