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Yep, it's justice

Yes, it is justice. If a robber came into my store with a weapon, he’s intending to rob me, and perhaps my customers, and intends to do us bodily harm. If he’s robbed me before, that makes him more dangerous, because he’s braver now since he got away with it previously.

Who says the robber was shot in the back of the head? Nothing I’ve read about this case says that. Who says two shots were fired by the clerk after he was killed? I haven’t read anything about that either. You’re making up alternate stories, not based on facts, to justify your position. You sound like you have some mental issues, and need some serious help.

What it all boils down to is that the robber placed himself in a position where he could get killed. He knew it was dangerous to try to rob a store, and that’s why he took a weapon with him. This whole situation was forced on a clerk who was only trying to make an honest living. He had to defend himself so that he could return to his family that night. I don’t blame him. He did what he had to do. I would have done the same thing, except I wouldn’t have fired any warning shots. The robber dug his own grave.


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