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It's is Justice

I deem this as justice if anyone comes in my business with any sort of weapon I don't care what it is, i will use self defense. I don't care what he has. The guy went into that business for a reason with a hammer and that was to rob it. Granted the police say he has no criminal record, that doesn't mean anything. This could have been his beginning of a criminal record.

On top of that if he had mental issues you don't mess with someone who has those issues because you never know what they will do or what they are thinking.

I fully support the store owner and what he did. It is his business and he feared his life and store was in danger and took the proper self defense.

Someone breaks into my home it will be worst decision they ever made! I have no sympathy for people who think it's okay to break into someones home rob it and or rob someones store. These people are up to know good and you get what you deserve when you attempt to rob a store.

The way I look at it another robber off the street and one less mouth to feed in jail. Our tax dollars aren't going towards him!

BTW you say you are a judge (but not final decision), go back check your grammar and word usage!



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