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People wake UP!!!!

First off....the comment that they can find a way out of this, while this is helpful, that is nice,but the main point is they NEVER should of been put in this situition in the first place. I mean come on how hard is it to figure out you have to submit employees W2 forms??!! And I will let you in on a little secret.....this is not the only thing that she has not submitted for employees..I can't go into further detail due to legalality issues but there IS MORE!!!! So she was fired for poor job porformance...yea that sounds about right...but wait....the "new mayor cronies" are hiring her back??? and backpaying her after paying her sick, vacation time??? HEY!!!!! SHE COST THE TOWN OVER 35K in PENALITIES!!!!! and this is just what you know of!!!!!!!!! WAKEUP PEOPLE!!!!! She is due to come back Jan. 20,there is a meeting Jan. 17, I would suggest that the citizens that care about your town and taxmoney go and DEMAND ANSWERS that night...not the RUNAROUND from WILLIS!!!!! Oh yeah, the Police Department only has four police officers, when they asked for help, for more officers hmmm...there was a hiring freeze put into effect but wow just after the hiring freeze they REHIRED ALSTON BACK??!!!! Oh yeah, they PAID ALSTON for HER vacation but when an officer went to the meeting and asked that they pay him for a week of vacation (like they did Alston, since the Police Department dosen't have the manpower to let him take his vacation) he was told NO!!!!!!! Did you know that if an officer is out sick or happens to have to have a day off the other officers are EXPECTED to work for FREE!!!!!!!!! YES I SAID FREE!!!!! Kinda makes you wonder where THAT MONEY IS GOING?????? Oh yeah....did you know that there was (not sure exactly) but around 10k of drug asset foreiture money that is SOLELY to be used by Law Enforcement Personel ONLY for Police equipment and hmmmmm...Alston said opps...there is NO money there...HEY THAT is a FEDERAL OFFENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LET THE HAMMER COME DOWN!!!!!!! OH there is sooooo much more to come people... What was it the mayor said when he was arrested the night of his DWI,,,,of are in Deep politics now!!!!!!!!


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