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RC Soles acts like a corrupt "Pervert".

Soles acts like a pervert. Did anyone doubt that he would pay these boys off again? Did Soles pay Jernigan to lie? Soles will grease about anything - if it helps Soles. It is laughable for Soles to get these sick boys to call him a "father figure". Would you let your child or pet around Soles?

It is common knowledge around Columbus County, Tabor City, and parts of Raleigh that Soles likes boys - especially dumb ones that are on the margins of society. (Read the Star-News special investiagtive articles.) Soles has apparently been known to pick-up boys at bus stations and then try to outrun the police to hide it. The problem is that the sicko boys, after satisfying Soles, try to use the court system to blackmail him. That isn't right either.

If Soles has nothing to hide, then why did he get the federal court to seal the ugly facts about his deviant lifestyle during his Colcor corruption trial? Soles is a sick man who is still trying to control Columbus County.

Soles and Frog--Rock on--


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