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wrong wrong wrong

It is not true that there isnt a statute of limitations on felonies contrary to what you said. The only exceptions Im aware of to the 7-10 yr rule are Class A Felonies which are those that can result in a sentence of death or Life without parole (meaning pretty much murder). The issue of Statute of limitiations is what kept the asst basketball coach in NY out of jail despite overwhelming evidence he was guilty because the statute of limitations had expired. Granted we all know what Soles has been up to but hes got too many friends and has the financial wherewithal to buy his way out of trouble no matter how egegious. If these were woman he'd been abusing hed have already been in jail or under the jail but the stigma of homosexual assault is so great especially in the south men are usually very much unwilling to admit to whats happened to them due to the fear of being labeled as a homo or fag by their friends and family because homosexuality is still considered very much taboo and morally wrong (which I dont disagree with overall but theres a difference between committing a sinful act of homosexuality/sodomy and being a minor unable to legally consent and being manupulated and forced into such situations) Reality is while RC Soles may escape judgement in the court of law, the court of public opinion is very much mixed and his ultimate day of judgement will come eventually where God himself shall sit in judgement of his sinful acts and RC wont be able to get himself out of those so easily.


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