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They are the Masters of Mind Games

Please tell us who that Judge is. Have any of you thought that maybe there are drug dealers being paid (in some way)to entice these drug dependent boys with drugs to keep them under the thumbs of others. If you shower someone with money, who has a drug addiction, and they are use to getting money from somewhere to support their habit-----then, the money is snatched from them they are going to become desperate and do stupid things----the old man calls or sends a message to come and get the money, and of surely they go to get the money-------then old man calls the police and has them arrested for trespassing. They get paid again to drop the charges or lie on the stand. Then it looks like the old man is the victim instead of the aggressor----then public will not believe the ones who are serious about charging the old man for molestation. Mind games for the public, SBI,FBI.


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