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RC Soles found not guilty

I want to clarify one thing. I was told about this comment being titled Doris S. and WWAY didn't verify it. I certainly did not take notes during this trial. I was there and I listened to the whole two hours worth of made up testimony. I don't believe Frankie Jernigan was telling the truth. The real truth is going to be exposed one day. RC Soles is not a victim. My question is why didn't Soles just leave his residence and not come back and why didn't he call the police as he usually does and let them remove these unwanted guests? For some reason, there was not a call made to 911 or the TC police department on this particular day. This is highly unusual. Where were RC's so called body guards? All of this is just drama that Soles thrives off. And whenever he did return to his residence, why didn't he just go in the house and call the police? Because Soles WANTED to talk to these people as he usually does. I can keep someone from aggravating me at my home. My home and the grave are the only two places I need to worry about having peace. And so far, neither of these places worry me because I know I am going to be at peace whenever I am in both. Think about it. Why be tormented at home or at work especially if you own the business? Like I said...Soles is not a victim...he's an instigator.

Now, I discourage anybody in the future who uses my name. There will be repercussions whenever I find out who this coward is. What I say, I say out in the open. Other people need to do the same. I'm not taking blame for something I didn't write. RC Soles is not a person I think highly of. He has changed over the years and he is going to pay one day whenever he meets his MAKER for all this drama he is causing. To WWAY, you need to investigate before you put somone's comments on here.


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