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As a relative of one of

As a relative of one of these two marines, I would like to say firstly that I am saddened by this tragedy. I do not understand why bar fights start at all, and do not condone going out and getting into them. I feel great sympathy for Mr. Senn and those survived by him. He was indeed the victim of a careless and senseless act.
I do, however, also feel that those accused of crimes are to be treated as innocent until proven guilty. Also, there are people writing on message boards and in articles that this man was "brutally attacked by two marines" or "killed by two marines". This is false. Mr. Cotter punched Mr. Senn, and although this blow did knock him down, it certainly did not kill him. I do not believe it was Mr. Cotter's intention to kill this man. He took a bad fall. Erik Ketterman did not even touch Mr. Senn. This fact is not even in question at this point, as Erik is back to work and has been all but completely cleared, which is inevitable, as he is innocent.
I would now like to address those who were calling these two accused men "scumbags" and claimed that they should be "sterilized". Based upon your ignorant statements, obviously stemming from your inaccurate interpretation of sensational local media hype and not based on finding out what the actual events were, I would like to say shame on you. Learn to think for yourselves. Mr. Cotter certainly made a mistake, but I would like for anyone who has been making these ignorant statements in this comment section to imagine what kind of mercy you would ask for if either you or someone in your family threw a single drunken punch or pushed someone and they hit their head and died. These two men called a cab prior to this happening, they were obviously intent on leaving, and were followed out of the bar. All of these facts will be made clear when the video is released from the cameras inside the bar, as they will be used in Mr. Cotter's defense.
I would like to extend my sympathies to Mr. Senn's family.
I am not proud that my relative was involved in this kind of careless and senseless stupidity. I hope that we can all learn a lesson from this.

Someone who cares


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