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Great ?

What issues have made the President great in action for Americans to watch? Most people promoting Obama could not have an intelligent converstion concerning the issues.I suspect many were with the NAACP,ACORN and other Democratic operatives that perpetuate myths within the African-American community.

Obama's signature accomplishment(Obmacare) will be a tremendous failure once implemented. The only issue they are probably well versed in is keeping the dependency culture(welfare) alive.Achieving socialized healthcare is nothing to crow about unless you will be predominately on the receiving end without making a significant contribution.You establish the largest bureaucracy in the government.Socialized healthcare is Obama's legacy that will come back to haunt him.As for being a leader,Obama has been a spectator on foreign policy and domestic issues.He allows his liberal cronies to shape his policies by implementing the Saul Alinsky playbook.

I suspect Obama will receive around 99% of the African-American vote due to his skin pigmentation.An objective analysis of his policies will not be given serious consideration.This logic goes against what MLK promoted...studying the content of a man's character regardless of race.


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