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I am afraid that you are

I am afraid that you are wrong. It is ANTI-Religion that is poison. This country was founded on freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion. Religion is personal. ANTI-Religion is in your face aggressive and if that does not work, I will just sue you to make you submit to nothing. Religion and religious people don't have a problem breaking bread or working with anyone. ANTI-Religious people are isolationist and won't break bread with anyone. ANTI-Religious people did not form, found or make the country that you are allow you to type your words and your beliefs. Freedom did. Freedom to decide for yourself. Freedom to choose what you do or do not understand or believe. ANTI-Religion is the most aggressive, repressive and destructive group in the US. When you are hungry, you don't go to the Atheist of America and get a meal, you go to a religious formed group that feeds the hungry. All of them consider it their mission and their rite to help fellow man. ANTI-Religion wants them to stop because someone might pray. The only united mission of the Atheist of America is trying for them to get others to submit to their beliefs. Not one other goal. Not one good deed. Destruction and submission. It's amazing to me that it is always the ANTI-Religion that is suing the Religion. Not just one, but all of them. I bet the men on this board represent multiple church bodies with their attendance. I bet they represent some of the best programs for Forsyth County and some of the best hope for those that need help. I bet you just want them to stop without any alternative solution other than, "Pray and I will sue!" I hope they all pray for you. I hope that you feel it. I hope that your stomach churns. I hope you understand.


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