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What Are They Going To Do???

The Supreme Court and anyone else can rule, say and do whatever they want, but who is going to take action against you if you say a prayer? Absolutely no man can stop me or anyone else from saying a prayer to ourselves out-loud or quietly, as we have the freedom of speech act!!!! What are they going to do if the meeting is called to order and they take a brief pause and pray to themselves... Absolutely nothing!!! They can't!!! All they can do is what they do best... Cause a rucus and stir up as much trouble as possible and yes probably starting a lawsuit as they have nothing better to do than to look for issues to stir up!!! They are nothing but trouble themselves!!! I for one pray that God would touch ther lives and intercede in there mental judgement to better the up-bringing of His kingdom. I pray for their individual souls that God would touch and enter into their lives and have them live and walk in His footsteps!!! NOW, SUE ME FOR PRAYING FOR YOU, YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS, AND LOVE ONES... I DARE YOU TOO CAUSE "WHEN GOD BE FOR US, WHO CAN BE AGAINST US???"


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