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Religion and Govt

Yes we are all given the right to freely practice our religions by the first amendment. But that was not intented to mean that a governmental body (made up of people, but not a person) can practice a religous custom as a group. A government that routinely practicing a specific religion as group is simply a non-secular government. Sorry we don't do that here. It's not a war on religion to serperate religion from the government, it's just part of being secular. Have your religion what ever it is, but if you are an elected official or representative or governmental group you do not have the constitutional right to practice those beliefs in the form of a group prayer (to YOUR god) while you are serving the government. It's actually a no brainer. Just ask a elemetary school student who's had a couple social studies classes under their belt.

It's funny how so many people who call theselves conservative believe in bringing their god into the goverment, that's actually being pretty *%$#ing liberal with the intentions of the Founders.


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