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Nobody gives a darn about...

...his parents, what dis chile been through or what be goin' on in his pitiful little life. NOBODY cares about that and there is no reason to. What we REALLY care about is how long will it be before he murders, rapes and robs his next victim and WHO will it be? Will it be YOUR daughter or YOUR mother or YOUR sister?

You see, when a young man performs a violent crime like armed robbery at age 14, he just set the rest of his life up for disaster. His demeanor is established. His methodology of how to make money and take other peoples things is established. Now he'll quickly learn from the court system that armed robbery is okay and that he can do it over and over without consequences.

This isn't about judging, this is about facts. Breaking a well established thug mentality at age 14 just isn't very likely.


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