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Not the most well read person are you?

Sherman's total war essentially ended as he crossed into NC somewhere in the vicinity of Fayetteville. There were limited skirmishes, such as Bentonville, but war crimes against civilians, with some rear action exceptions, all but stopped. Georgia and SC suffered difficult fates as they were the two states that mostly instigated succession. Sherman's attitude toward NC and its citizens was so humane that the commander of NC's forces, Joseph E. Johnston, felt such gratitude and awe toward him that Johnston remained life long friends with Sherman and served as a casket-bearer at his funeral. Unfortunately for Johnston, this decision cost him his life as he was old and the weather wasn't pleasant. A lot of ignorant transplants have this notion that Sherman hated the South. He did not. He loved the South and loved Southerners. He lived here for many years and was the President of what is now LSU. Several of his closest advisers in the Union army where some men from Alabama. But what he loved more than the South was the Union. By the way, the Anaconda Plan, Winfield Scott's brainchild, won the war, not Sherman's March to the Sea.

Did you used to be a rather prolific poster on the StarNews boards several years ago? You remind me of someone who was there all the time until one day they made a rather braggadocious bet, with a $100 wager, against another member and when proven wrong, they never came back.


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