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What grieves "us" people is that your Big Zero hasn't come through with his promises.

Where are the jobs? My son hasn't found work in over a year. The economy is horrible, social security will be non-existent for my kids, and gas prices will go sky high this summer. Health care for all? That's a joke; who can afford health care...unless you're part of the Medicaid system and you're milking taypayers to pay your bills for you? The war? Yeah right. Iran and Afganistan respect us about as much as Korea and Vietnam did when we left those countries. Where's the no income tax for seniors over 55 that he promised before he was elected?

Take your blinders off and maybe you'll see Big Zero for what he is...just another lying politician who will promise you the moon to get elected and then can't remember sh*t once he gets in office.


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