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Wow um I don't think nice is the word I'd use? Idiot would be one, dumb also comes to mind. What person gives that statement to the media the day after her husband dies from use getting punched and falls as a result of being hit and lest we forget the guy hit her too and she feels compassion for HIM? The compassion should go to his 3 daughters that are fatherless because their dad and step mom were out carousing at a bar @ 0230. yes it was an accident but bottom line the guy killed her husband and punched her and she feels compassion for them? That's idiotic and not a normal response to a spouse passing away from such tragic circumstances. She needs to keep her butt out of a bar and be at home with her 5 kids and grow up. Yes it was a tragic accident but it was also a bar fight and bottom line if you're not out at a bar drinking and whooping it up when you've got 5 kids at home it could've been avoided. Compassion for the guy that caused her husband to die? Gimme a break something isn't right with her logic


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