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You're ignorant

Those people you seem to like to call names and throw stones at are the very people that fight for right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness and freedom of speech. So while you call it playing GI Joe I call it heroes who sacrifice their personal wants, needs and desires to defend this country you live in. You don't like the military or this country.... Leave.... We certainly don't need anymore liberal ignorant tree hugging idiots here. You obviously haven't served in the military so you have no idea what it takes to be a man and sacrifice to serve and protect others. Might I suggest you man up sir and show respect for the men and women who choose to serve this country so you can have freedom of speech to spew your anti military rhetoric. Go back to the Internet cafe you probably sit at drinking overpriced coffee and spreading your anti American hate posts for all the world to see. You sir are the worst kind of American the mr high horse holier than thou know it all sand know how the world should be run but you're nothing more than ignorant liberal trash. Maybe you should actually serve in the very institution you condem


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