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Lee, blame Scott and Kevin for the double posting

I think that WWAY segregates my posts and someone high up has to clear them. They often take longer than anyone else's to post. You'll note that the longer of the two posts was written last night, but had not posted by late this afternoon, which prompted the second. Of course, they may treat my posts no differently than anyone else's. They may simply drink alot at work.

Sometimes, not often, they completely censor me. (ME??!!) I wrote a thrilling micro-play about Creepy Old Guy and his boy-toys that never posted. (I'm reworking it as a musical and will then try to get on-air for a weekly "Rant" when a breaking story out of Tabor City makes the timing right.)

They also failed to post it when I defended them for offering the story about the, ahem, "dog lover," by pointing out that not all news has to be deadly serious. Perhaps my additional comment about them missing the breed of dog (which I offered) and the disparaging image of the perpetrator it implied made them try to preserve some smidgen of decorum and good taste.

Those are two traits I try to avoid at all costs...and for future reference THIS is an example of a post that has nothing to do with the topic.


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