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Why not just use a phone and emails?

Why is it that everything advertised, told on the media, sold in a store or dumped in the toilet has to be "liked" on Facebook? It's "social network" for people to gossip, lie, brag, catch their cheaters and the best most, open opportunity ever for hackers to gain access to your personal information. And you want to use an insecure social media site for "neighborhood watch"? Gimme a freekin' break here!

Look folks, if you want a community watch, do it properly by knowing your neighbors "personally"! That means MEET them in person, patrol the neighborhood in person, call each other to report problems and have regular "personal" (with real people) meetings.

People are getting way to lazy and way too dependent on the cyber atmosphere. The fact is, there are just some things your computer WILL NOT do for you no matter how long your lazy a$$ can't get up from in front of it


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