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Another revenue gimmick to pad education pot of gold

The taxpayers have been lied to repeatedly with the same "rallying cry" we need more money for education.

Let's look at the facts. The "education lottery" has pumped 2 billion dollars into "education" since it's inception.

But teachers need more money? This temporary tax is nothing more than a payoff for the education portion of the Democratic party.

"At risk 3 or 4 year old children". This is nonsense. It amounts to state subsidized child care for people that make nothing. If you have a job, home, car, chances are that you can't qualify for it. If they're at risk, maybe the state needs to take a closer look at the parents, and make sure the mother is getting CHILD SUPPORT FROM THE FATHER!

Where does it stop? The next money grab will probably be at risk embryos, requiring state subsidized payments to unmarried pregnant mothers to stay at home with music playing to babies in the womb, so they can be more culturally educated.

One thing needs to happen before another dime is taken from taxpayers, and that is ACCOUNTABILITY from teachers.

The public is tired of rewarding all teachers, regardless of performance. And make the results from proficiency testing public so taxpayers can see the teachers that aren't making the grade.

But, no can do. That would be too much like a program that would get some results. Not another dime, until the taxpayers see some "CHANGE" in the way teachers are hired and fired. Reward good teachers, and weed out the career loungers that just show up and collect a paycheck.



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