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Then allow them to DOUBLE your tax....

...because I'm tired of putting out. I don't even have and have never had children in public schools, but I've paid for a lifetime anyway. That's really fair too right? I was double dinged all of those years, but it was my choice and a damn good one!

We still have the fundamental problem of simply cutting spending. Why can't we cut out "Free cell phones", shorten up on the food stamps, start sending the illegal aliens back home and off our free meal and healthcare ticket. They actually spend taxpayer dollars to advertise free cell phones on radio and TV. Why don't they just kick me in the butt and call me clam as to throw waste in my face in such a fashion? Let's take a closer look at what the spending for the state government is and how it is done. The increase in employees and the increases in pay and stipends? Nope...that isn't going to happen.

Another fundamental problem is that we are quickly approaching a society where there are simply more people collecting free sh*t than there are hardworking Americans to supply it. 3rd grade mathematics, try it!

So tell us a bit more about your "fairness" theory there Einstein...


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