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You're WAY off the mark with that comment!

While there definitely are an abundance of those you describe, this isn't one of them! If you are competent enough to perform some elementary mathematics, you would see that this ladys mortgage payment increased an unexpected 51% in one year, because of an insurance premium increase of one year. That sort of increase has NOTHING to do with the competence level of a buyer, only with an insurance company trying to rip her off. Everyone expects prices to rise, but 107% at one premium renewal? That is absolutey nothing less than highway robbery! A sudden 51 percent increase in a mortgage payment would rasise the brow of ANY homeowner (unless they are simply stupid)!

So here's one back at you, dear Einstein of economics. "There should be a minimum competency test that must be passed in order to keep idiots from posting about subjects here they know absolutely nothing about."


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