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as far as being able to

as far as being able to handle our financial affairs properly we have done that, but Nationwide increased the insurance from $1789.00 a year to $3519.00 a year for the same policy, which caused the escrow to be in the red, so before you pop off your mouth you should know the whole story. Being able to qualify for the mortgage
is not the problem, the mortgage has been in place from 2005 til current, but Nationwide doubled the insurance for 2012 which cause the problem with the escrow. And as far as whinning to the media, It is not whinning it is to inform the public that if you have your insurance in escrow to check you escrow pay out for insurance so they do not end up like my Mom has, and someone on a fixed income having to come up with a extra $331.00 per month to pay their insurance usually causes a hardship. Now that I have said that let me say this. You must be not elderly and on a fixed income or you would understand the importance of this story. If I had to guess you are more than likely a insurance agent that works for Nationwide. and as far as a compentence test the only incompentence here is from Nationwide


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