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I hear this happen everyday. You can't blame the insurance company for sending a bill and the mortgage paying it like was set up in your contract with the insurance and the mortgage. They legally have to send the renewals out prior to the renewal date, so if you did not open the mail, nor inquire why you did not recieve the new bill, that is not the mortgage nor insurance companies fault. As rates do increase and prices change, you may need to shop companies or make changes, you do NOT have to take the renewal they send you. You are the consumer and have the power to spend your money how and where you want to, so OPEN your mail and if you haven't seen anything from a company in a while, CALL them! You know the bill comes once a year! And oviously someone somewhere did not let the company know there had been a death, or did not comply with the requirements for them to switch the name. (Like send in the power of attorney paperwork...) And guess what, it is ILLEGAL for the company to issue a check with premium money from a policy under the name Bob to a person named Jim. I bet you wouldn't expect that from your bank, would you? Once again, someone is not taking responsibility for themselves and blaming everyone else. The water will not stop running unless YOU turn it off. I understand you have been going through a tough time, but you have ZERO excuse for not stopping the mortgage escrow payment or even knowing HOW MUCH it was for that matter. Come on people, take ownership of your money!


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